The members of IRISSO are strongly involved in all the degrees of Université Paris-Dauphine spanning from Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees. IRISSO’s researchers have taken part in the setting-up of the Bachelor of Social Sciences and have also developed a training for 1st year master students, the “Public Policy and Social Regulations” (PPSR) program. Two other programs for 2nd year master students are offered, the “Corporate Policies and Social Regulations” (CPSR) and the “Public Policies and Opinions” (PPO) programs.

The master students in sociology and political science are trained to perform functions in the Corporate Social Responsibility domain and in the studies and investigations departments of public or private institutions.

Both of these trainings are affiliated to the IRISSO offering a stimulating work environment to students who can also benefit from the expertise of renowned academics in sociology and political science. Students are thus well educated to pursue either professional or academic carriers, i.e. by completing a doctorate.

The Social Sciences tools at the service of the new professions in public policy, firms and research

The aim of the Master of “Public Policy and Social Regulations” (PPSR) (see website) is to train students to become experts (i.e. actors and researchers) in the fields of public policy, environmental policies and Corporate Social Responsibility. This teaching program enables access to either public sector (e.g. director of public administration, studies manager of public policies, opinion polls manager) or private sector (e.g. extra-financial analyst or social responsibility officer).

The Master of PPSR is divided into 4 semesters. After the completion of the Master 1 that offers more than 558 teaching hours (semesters 1 and 2), students are encouraged to take a year-off. 6 other programs in Master 2 (semesters 3 and 4) are proposed as full-time degree, apprenticeship or continuing education, depending on the chosen Master 2:

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