Master 2 - CPSR - Corporate Policies and Social Regulations

The Masters 2 training in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professions

This is a unique offer valuing the skills of social sciences students in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The purpose of the Master 2 of “Corporate Policies and Social Regulations” (CPSR) is to provide students with in-depth innovative theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of firms’ social and environmental practices. To successfully achieve occupational integration, students benefit from the specialized researchers’ expertise and also rely on a renowned network of professionals in the CSR field.

In terms of job opportunities, the Master 2 of CPSR opens up the possibility to work on topics related to CSR within firms: CSR officer, sustainable development manager, social and environmental risks expert, diversity officer. Graduates can also join the organizations involved in social and/or environmental issues as extra-financial rating agencies, CSR auditing and consulting structures, NGOs or Labor Unions.

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