Track | Changes in Labor, Employment, and Social Policies

This track is meant to stimulate a collective research dynamic on matters of labor, employment and social policies. The research undertaken focuses on the changes in employment relationships and on the increasing porosity of boundaries between employment statuses, which are especially redefined by self-employment. The investigations in this track also address the changes in the regulations of labor, organizations, and public policies of work and employment. The goal is to examine the consequences of the current changes affecting  not only the paradigms and the ideologies but also the organization of the socio-productive system, as well as the instruments and the levels of regulation within organizations. The regulation and deregulation policies of working time, labor contract, and wages constitute the core of our research.

In addition, another set of studies cover the changes in public policies in the field of occupational health, and by extension, the ones of environmental health and health risks. The aim of this research is to analyze the modern changes of labor, professional relationships and public and transnational forms of intervention/action, under the lens of occupational health. More widely, these studies underline how the analysis of health work management constitutes a relevant perspective to shed light on the modern changes of health issues.