Track | Politicizations and Social Movements. Comparative approaches

The aim of this track, which is grounded in ethnographic and statistical investigations, is to examine the dynamics of social movements, the processes of individual and collective politicizations, and also the paths facilitating access to the political representation in a variety of contexts and spaces (i.e. France, Tunisia, Germany, Turkey, Poland).

Three research topics have been developed as follows:

  1. The sociology of electoral behaviors in contemporary France, especially through several collective investigations on the 2008 municipal elections, and on the 2012 presidential and legislative elections.
  2. The studies on the mobilization processes during the election campaigns and the practices of professional politicians, paying attention to the use and the production of gender, sexuality and race, and social class relations.
  3. The studies on the reconfiguration of political participation in authoritarian and transitional contexts, in post-communist Poland, in the Middle East (e.g. Turkey since World War II), and in North Africa (e.g. post January-2011 Tunisia).