The IRISSO is the result of the merger between the “Institut de recherche interdisciplinaire en sociologie, science politique et économie” (IRISES) and the “Centre d’études et de recherche en sociologie des organisations” (CERSO). On January 1st 2015, the “Laboratoire de communication politique” (LCP), a former intramural research unit affiliated to the CNRS, has joined the IRISSO.

The IRISSO is a joint research center of the CNRS affiliated to the Université Paris-Dauphine/PSL*. It is composed of sociologists, political scientists and economists including 32 associate and assistant professors, 15 CNRS researchers (i.e. 11 researchers and 4 senior researchers), 2 CNRS engineers, and 25 PhD candidates (i.e. doctoral contracts, CIFRE contracts, temporary lecturer and research assistance contract).

The central research topics at IRISSO are the public and private regulations, the interactions between them and their transformations. The research fields are focused on the sociological study of the economic world, public policy analysis and political sociology.

To achieve this goal, IRISSO is organized in five research areas and three crosscutting themes.



1. Finance, Markets and Society

  • Track 1 | Political Sociology of the Economy
  • Track 2 | Sociology of Markets
  • Track 3 | Urban Sociology and Economic Sociology of Territories

2. Government, Norms and Knowldege

  • Track 1 | Expertise and Public Policy
  • Track 2 | Sociology of Law
  • Track 3 | Education, Training and Socialization

3. Media, Communication and Public Space

  • Track 1 | Politics, Democracy and Institution
  • Track 2 | Culture, Sciences and Society

4. Politicizations

  • Track 1 | Politicizations and Social Movements. Comparative approaches.

5. Work, Employment and Public Policies

  • Track 1 | Changes in Labor, Employment and Social Policies